Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Oh, Arizona.

Anyone who's been reading this blog for any length of time already knows how I feel about Arizona's attempt to legalize hatred and bigotry, but in case you're new to the party, here's how I feel:

I violently dislike it.

And here's why: I'm no theologian -- as much as I would like to be one -- but here's what I seem to remember from Sunday school: Jesus was a pretty cool guy, and He had a -- and this is CRAZY -- habit of loving everyone, and being there for everyone He met. He wasn't really a "turning people away" kind of fella. He was more of a "come on in, have a sandwich, here's a hug" kind of a guy.

(There are obviously religions other than Christanity that have issues with sexual orientation, but this is the one I know best, and also, this movement has religious right all over it, so ... Yeah.)

The Jesus I learned about would, I think, have quite a bit to say about the notion that anyone who claims to follow Him refusing to fellowship with, wait on, serve, speak with, and love another human being. He would have plenty -- I imagine some of it quite pointed -- to say about condemning, hating, and persecuting people.

I, at least, have something to say, and I'm going to say it about people who can't seem to understand that the man that they call savior, the one they claim to follow, would want them to stop raising a fist in the name of religious belief and "correctness" to people of different sexualities ... And races ... And cultures ... And religions ... And instead hold out a hand to embrace them. That something is this: While you busily call out what you deem the sins of others, be sure to take careful inventory of your own, and consider your actions.

Consider them carefully, and then ask yourself -- really ask yourself -- what Jesus would do. You know, the guy who hung out with hookers and lepers and outcasts and everyone else. What would THAT guy do? What would He think is the right thing to do here?

I'm just saying.

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