Friday, July 8, 2011

Friday Randoms

1. I got my Red Sox tickets today. The envelope that they came in COMPLETELY looked like junk mail. My Sox tickets very nearly went right into the trash.  Fortunately, my spidey senses kicked in before I actually tossed them (or the voice of reason) and I thought "Maybe I should open that before I shred it". Helllllooo nearly confetti-ed Sox tickets. Have I mentioned that I've never before been to a Sox game? I'm psyched. Even if they are obstructed view nosebleed seats. I do. Not. Care.

2. Am I the only person who goes on little food sprees? I will be all into one kind of food for, oh I don't know, a month or so, and then -- it's dead to me. I no longer care about it or want to eat it at all. Right now? Sandwiches. I LOVE me a sandwich. For example, right now, I would do someone significant harm if s/he stepped between me and a peanut butter and jelly sammich. (Which is extra weird because normally I don't enjoy peanut butter that much).  Sandwiches. I want to nom them. (Ability to make sandwiches currently: Let's see -- no bread. No veggies. No mustard. No mayo. Yeah. This is the sad sad land of no sandwiches. At least, until I go grocery shopping. Then it's going to be sandwich HEAVEN, I tell you!)

3. Note to anyone who is thinking about cutting his or her hair really really short (which mine now is): You have to really like your face if you're going to go crazy at the hairdresser, because suddenly, your features are ALL out there. I'm comfortable with my face, but occasionally am startled by the amount of attention it now demands.  It used to be hidden behind the hair. Now it's all out there. It's a little weird.

4. People who refuse to leave messages drive me CRAZY. If I didn't pick up it's because I'm on the other line or not available. Instead of calling 15 times in a row, with your calls separated by 15 second intervals? LEAVE ME A MESSAGE. That's why I have voice mail. Otherwise I will have to hunt you down and make you watch some kind of heinous reality television until your brain explodes.

5. Even when my job is driving me nuts? The people I work with are awesome. Completely, unabashedly awesome. I heart them.

Have a great weekend y'all!


  1. Your face is beautiful. Please keep the hairstyle!

    And I agree about ppl not leaving messages. Aggravating.

  2. Danielle says: Aw, thanks Anne! I do really like my hair like this, it's just taking some getting used to. Also, for some reason I keep thinking "Now I have to wear lipstick" and then starting to obsess about the fact that I HATE lipstick and can never pick out a colour and ... well, maybe Chapstick is close enough!

  3. Remember when the lunch room always smelled like "Fluffer-Nutters"? It's a memory I'll carry forever! :-)

  4. Danielle says: When I lived in North Carolina, NO ONE knew what a fluffernutter was. It was a sad, sad state of affairs. And yet one more reason why I knew I didn't belong there (it was ridiculously hard to find a store that carried marshmellow fluff!)