Monday, June 20, 2011

Things that Make You Go: "This is Ridiculous" or "Hmmm" (Depending on How You Feel About C&C Music Factory)

You ever have one of those days when you look at the world and think: what the heck is WRONG here?

I had a couple of those in a row. I called them "Saturday and Sunday".

And for your Monday morning reading pleasure, I will now share the moments that made me say "Hmmm."

1. Why do people complain when they get a speeding ticket and say what a jerk/ass/moron the cop was? If you're speeding, and you get caught, you get a ticket. If you don't want to get speeding tickets, then probably speeding isn't the brightest thing you can be doing with your time.  Also, the fact that your immediate reaction is that the cop is WRONG? Is probably being conveyed in your attitude and it may be why the officer is less than pleasant to you, if in fact he is. I'm just saying. If you're speeding, and you get busted, that's on YOU.  Please own it. Because I find the "it's not my fault I was going 20 over, the cop was a jerk" attitude to be annoying and unlikeable.

2. It should be easier to do the right thing. By which I mean: when someone is trying to do the right thing? Try to assist them. Don't yell at them or make it harder. Because -- well, because it seems to me that is the OPPOSITE of trying to make people want to continue to do the right thing!

3. If you have a store, and find that you are CONSTANTLY selling out of Medium, Large, and XL? And have only XS and SM left in ... oh, everything? It seems as though you might want to keep more Mediums, etc in stock. Because you'd sell them. (Good luck with those extra smalls, by the way.)

4. At some point in life, you need to realize that you are only responsible for your own life choices. You are not responsible for anyone else's. Making them feel badly because their choices are not your choices? Is kind of a scumbag thing to do.

5. McDonald's iced coffee is so delicous that it renders me suspicious. What's IN it? How does it work!? Why is it so addictive? I need answers, people!!!

Hmmmm, I say.

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