Monday, January 11, 2016

Ziggy Stardust

When I was a kid, Freddie Mercury was my hero because he was a lot of the things that I didn't ever feel like I was or could be: funny. Brave. Bold. Clever. Exceptionally talented

David Bowie was one of my heroes for the same reason. Every time he came out with new music, it was strange and beautiful. Every time he stepped onto a stage or in front of a camera, he owned it. You couldn't not look at him -- your eyes wanted to stay on him to see what he would do next.

I didn't know David Bowie, obviously. My sorrow over his death is probably somewhat foolish. It just feels as though a bright, sparkly, amazing light has gone out. I'm sad because we won't get to see what he would do next. I'm sad because that sparkle won't reflect on the people who enjoyed him anymore.

Thanks for all of the amazing, Mr Bowie. I hope you rest well.

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