Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Above. Beyond.

I've been trying to wrap up what I want to say today in a story, but I don't have a story. Sometimes the words come, and sometimes they don't, and that's writing, I guess.

It's life, too. Sometimes things come to you, and sometimes they don't.

And sometimes -- sometimes they come to you and you don't see them for what they are. Blessings enjoy disguises, as it turns out.

I didn't think I'd reach a point where I would be thankful for the shitstorm that this year has been. It was so ridiculous and so painful.


I spent some time over the weekend looking around and considering where I'm at. It's a good place. An excellent place, in fact. A place that makes me happy.

It's also a place I wouldn't have reached without my life going to hell in a handbasket in the way it did, when it did.

So here I am with an eye on the horizon and the knowledge that whatever happens will bring good things. Things that are above and beyond my expectations and outside of what I can see in any given moment.

And maybe that's all the story I need right now.

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