Wednesday, April 12, 2017

What a Long, Strange Trip It's Been

Oh, y'all.

The day I realized that I needed to put my thoughts and words somewhere other than here was a tough one. I've been letting it all out here for so long! This is the place where I unleash my most crazy, much to the amusement of most of you.

It has been awesome. You have been awesome.

But there comes a time when things have to change. You have to focus. As last year became this year, I began to realize that I had things to say that, perhaps, didn't belong here. They were -- and are -- too pointed, I think. Too political. Maybe too much for some of my readers (Hi, Mom).

So instead of writing them here, I just ... didn't write. Because I didn't want to offend anyone, and because this didn't seem like the proper forum. While this blog has been political at points, it has not had that as its focus and I didn't want to suddenly veer wildly off the deep end into the realms of healthcare and feminist politics and whatnot when people are really accustomed to Friday Randoms. I loved the Randoms, and they have a place (said place will likely be my FB page), but I feel as though having a voice means USING your voice, and I don't think I have been using it as well as I could.

As a result, this blog will be going dark. Entirely dark? you ask. Well ... probably? But there may be a post here and there when something amusing occurs to me. Otherwise, you will be able to find me at (WOOO I HAVE MY OWN DOMAIN NAME!).

So. Finally. Thank you. Thank you for reading for seven years. Thank you for laughing along with my ridiculousness, and holding my hand when I cried, and just generally being awesome. You have been the best audience a writer girl could ever ask for, and I love you all.

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  1. I have thoroughly enjoyed your blog. Starting a new chapter is good! I look forward to more of your musings!