Monday, February 28, 2011

H is for Happy

If you've ever been depressed -- not "I'm so bummed the Sox lost yesterday", but full on, medication is prescribed depressed -- then you know what it's like to be unhappy. Unhappy as in lacking the possession of joy; unhappy as in barely even able to remember what it was like to experience joy; unhappy as in you can recognize happiness in other people but it doesn't resemble something you know -- it's become so alien to you that it's sort of like listening to a conversation between two people in a language you don't speak: you understand that they are communicating, but more than that you do not know.

And then, one day, you get some help -- maybe you marched yourself into a doctor's office and demanded help. Or maybe someone close to you reached out to you. Or maybe a complete stranger threw you a life vest, somehow. Our lives touch each other in so many unknown ways. And hope, which has been perched somewhere in your soul, begins to sing again.

Perhaps it was always singing, and you simply couldn't hear it. 

But when you're through it, and you're on the other side, sometimes recognizing and your happiness in any given moment is the most rare and wonderful thing. I don't think we -- maybe just I -- notice and appreciate them enough when we have them, which is a true shame. We need more happy in this world. We should notice and celebrate it when we're lucky enough to own it -- and there is, as I have mentioned, so much of it to go around.

If you are happy -- notice it! Live in it! Pass it on!

And if you are not -- there is hope and help. I promise.

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