Saturday, April 9, 2011


I said I would blog the whole time I was on vacation. Apparently, that was an inadvertent lie because I didn't blog yesterday.  Not even a little. Which I totally could have, but I was having fun with my mother, and I thought saying "Hey, Mum, would you mind holding that thought while I go on the interwebs to tell all the people how much fun I'm having with you?" would be mighty rude.

And my momma didn't raise me to be rude.

I would like to take a moment to say this: I am very, very, blessed to have the relationship I have with my mother, and I know it.

My mom has been my staunchest ally and my perpetual partner in mischief. I love it when I convince her to do something silly or goofy and she tries to make a stern face and pulls a fake frown, shaking her head while the corners of her mouth turn up in supressed mirth. I love it when we're driving anywhere further than two hours and, about forty minutes in, she says "Barry Manilow sing along!" and we bust out the Ultimate Hits and bellow out "Mandy" at seventy miles per hour. I love it when she has to do something she doesn't particularly want to do but says "Whee!" at the end as though that might make it fun. (As in: "I get to clean up a hairball now! Whee!")

I love it that she thinks I'm amazing, even when I'm not (sometimes, especially when I'm not) and thinks that everyone else should think so too, even (and again, especially) when they don't.

I love it that she thinks a cup of tea will fix any problem (she might be right) and that she can recite Pretty Woman from memory ("You shouldn't neglect your gums!") and that she fights with me sometimes, but fights FOR me all of the time.

My mother is a total rock star, and every day that I don't see her, I miss her. I chose to move back to New Hampshire knowing that, on some levels? It was going to be horrible, because it meant that I would see her very infrequently. Some days, I feel like moving was a selfish choice, because it was all about me.

(For the record, she doesn't think that. But there are days when I think it.)

I'm fortunate to have her, and to be able to spend this time with her, and I'll probably cry when I have to go home because I'll have to go back to missing her.

But I'm here now.

And that makes me lucky.


  1. Aanddd, now I'm snuffly. Thanks, for that. I love happy mother - daughter combinations. They give me hope.

  2. I love Danielle's mom. Give her a hug!

  3. Okay, first off you are amazing, and secondly, I agree, your mom is a total rock star!! :)

  4. Any mom would faint with pleasure to hear such praise! Glad you two are together.