Thursday, April 7, 2011


Tomorrow? I am going to North Carolina.

Which is so fabulous I can't even tell you. (Just because I didn't want to live there doesn't mean that VISITING isn't excellent.)

Unfortunately, I will have to get up at about 3:15 AM to get to the airport and get my flight. (But then: warm weather! Quality time with the fam! Yay!) I'm sure I will have some amusing travel stories, because ... well, I have a tendency to attract some of the, er, more lively types on planes and public transportation.

I WILL be blogging during my vacation; however, it could possibly be at odd hours. So I'd like to point out that if you subscribe to my blog, you would never have to worry about the strange times at which I post! (If you don't subscribe to it, you should sign on as a follower ... I'm just saying ... it's nice for me to know who's reading over here!).

It's time for a vacation, y'all!

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