Wednesday, June 19, 2013


If you see me in the next week or so and I have a deer in the headlights, slightly off kilter look about me, here's why:

I'm moving.

I'm actually moving TWICE.

About two weeks ago, The Fabulous Amber asked me if I would want to rent her condo. Which, YES, because it's amazing. Great, she said, you can move in August.


And yesterday, my friends with whom I am going to rent said condo said, you know, you should really move in with us at the beginning of July and then we can move ALL of our stuff with, like, one truck.

This is a sensible plan. Except, of course, that now I have ... like, 12 days? To pack all of my crap.

I'm not freaking out.


I'm not.

Yes, yes I am.

It's a great idea. I'm actually really glad my friends thought of it, and I'm thankful for the help they're giving me. I'm just -- OH CRAP I HAVE SO MUCH STUFFFFFFF.

So. If you see me, and I look tired and mildly distracted? That's why.

Also, if you have a truck or some boxes or both? Do I have a project for you!

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