Wednesday, March 26, 2014

10 Things

Ten things I have learned in the last year or so:

1.       If your intentions are good, then acting on them will not lead you wrong.


2.       Sometimes, you have to go through some really shitty stuff to get to some really good stuff. You just do.


3.       It’s important to have friends that you can rely on – and the best way to have those kinds of friends is to BE that kind of friend.


4.       In comedy, timing is key.


5.       When you’re sorry, say you’re sorry – but make sure that your apology is real and focuses on making the other person feel better rather than making it about you. “I’m sorry that you were hurt by the terrible thing I did – is there any way I can make this right for you” is light years better than “I feel bad about what I did.”


6.       When you realize that other people only have power over you if you hand that power to them? It changes everything.


7.       Never stop fighting for what you believe in, because your beliefs define who you are – and how you express them? That shows people who you are.


8.       Be kind. Even when you’re pissed. Actually, especially then.


9.       The truth is never the wrong option.


10.   Life is better with a pet.

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