Monday, March 17, 2014

For a Smart Girl...

... I sometimes do stupid things. Here's a list, so you can laugh at my doofusosity.

*went grocery shopping and then realized... Um... My wallet was in my other purse.

*lathered up with hand lotion and then tried to open a bottle. Let me tell you, that is not happening.

*it's generally a good idea to check to see how many prongs are on a power cord before you buy an extension cord to use with the power cord. Sadly, I failed to do that. But ... Yay extra extension cord?

*who was shocked to realize her phone touch screen would work much better if she CLEANED it? Yeaaaah. This kid.

*when you go to the store for, say, paper towels? Do not get distracted by other things and then walk out of the store with three bags of items ... And no paper towels. Trust me on this.

*when confronted with a pump bottle that  is not dispensing because it is empty, I seem to believe that continuing to depress the top will cause some magical refill action to happen. It will not, but I do it anyway.

Hope your day is a little less stupid than mine!

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