Wednesday, June 17, 2015

F'ing Perfect

Since I posted Love. Story. people have been interested in how the Fella and I are doing.

Here's the deal, y'all.

Neither of us are perfect. I tense up and go silent when I'm upset.  He has a tendency to lose track of time.  I get overly emotional and crazy when I feel like there's clutter. He would rather gnaw off one of his limbs than attend a wide variety of social events.

We're not perfect. We both have baggage and issues and ... stuff.

But ... and here's the thing ... that baggage? That stuff? Makes us perfect for each other. Our crazy lines up just right.

And that? Is magical.

Of course, I continue to maintain that I recognized it when I was FIFTEEN and it took him, like, forever, to catch up. (Because I TOTALLY did.)

So if you're wondering how things are?

They're imperfect.

Which is what makes it perfect.

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