Thursday, June 25, 2015



"We could spend the day binge watching SHIELD"

"I prefer the term 'marathon watching'; binge connotates unhealthy behavior."

"Like sitting inside all day and watching tv?"

"Well, yeah."


"We are victims of Marvel... If only they'd churn out Sherlock the way they do Marvel Comics... Oh wait! Isn't Cumberbatch going to be in one of the new ones?"

"YES! He IS! ... Take all my money, Marvel!"


"It's like all of the spiders just IGNORE. The. Treaty!"

"Reading isn't really an arachnid thing, Yellie."

"It needs to be. Because otherwise being squished by a Nike is TOTALLY a thing. 'Just Do It?' Don't mind if I do!"


"Look at this photo. It's a ray migration. So many stingrays. I'm kind of freaked out."

"And then you remembered that you don't go in the ocean..."

"Oh! Because I don't like being at the bottom of the food chain!"

"... And the crisis was averted."


"There should be more fun names for groups of things. Like a group of crows is a murder. There should be more like that."

"Like a group of zombies would be an UUUUUURG."

"A group of politicians would be a sleaze! 'Did you see that huge sleaze of politicians?' 'Yeah, Congress is in session.' "

"A group of rappers is a bling."

"A group of celebrities would be a cah-ching!"


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