Monday, August 8, 2016

2 AM (Just Breathe)

There are some things that my brain does not enjoy. It does not enjoy crowds, or movie theaters. It doesn't like clutter very much. Getting lost makes it freak right out.

There are things that my brain LOVES. Like reading, and cleaning, and singing in the car.

My brain also loves some really stupid things.

Like 2 AM.

My brain LOVES 2 AM. Specifically, it loves to be awake at 2 AM, no matter what else we're up to. It wants to be awake and thinking of things that I could write about and coming up with really funny tweets ... things that I absolutely won't remember in the morning. The other thing it likes to do at 2 AM is take me on an anxiety spiral, which is REALLY fun. There's nothing better than waking up to a panic attack that you can't really do anything about.

While my BRAIN apparently loves 2 AM, the rest of me does not. The rest of me loves sleeping and getting rest so I don't spend the next day looking and feeling like someone punched me in the face. My brain does not care about this so much. In fact, sometimes it's so excited about 2 AM that it doesn't settle down about the joy it is experiencing until, say, 5 AM. That's the BEST. That's a heavy under-eye concealer day right there, because let me tell you -- it's not pretty.

But every morning, like clockwork, 2 AM rolls around and my eyeballs spring open. "Let's play a game!" my brain crows. "Let's write a whole blog post in our head! It will be great!"

So I do.

I don't want to, but apparently my brain does.

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