Friday, August 12, 2016

Friday Randoms ... the Writer Problems Edition


"That last thing that you just wrote? I love that!"

"Um. I wrote that months ago..."


"... and it's been live on the site this whole time."

"Welp. Um... nice job?"


"Oh I love this sentence! Good job."

"You wrote that."

"I did??? OH I DID! What do I need you for then?"


"Those two words mean the same thing. So, when you create two headings for them, you basically have two columns that mean the same thing. We should get rid of one of them."

"But there are two."

"But there should only be ONE."

"... but there are two."


"I kind of want this to say all of these other things, like about teamwork and beauty and the nature of work."

"Did you read the whole thing?"

"No, I just read the first sentence. Why?"

"Because the rest of it is about teamwork and beauty and the nature of work?"



"Could you rewrite this so it says this same thing but uses completely different words? That would be better."

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