Thursday, February 2, 2012

Puppies and Hedgehogs and Analogies, Oh My!

Some people are naturally cuddly. Like puppies. Everyone loves a puppy.  They’re sweet and warm and friendly and adorable.

Some of us are NOT naturally cuddly.

Some of us are more like … hedgehogs. Hedgies are super cute, but they are not, shall we say, friendly. They’re a little more… spikey. They need to be handled with caution. They’re ready to be on the defensive at any moment.

I know there are people out there who LOVE hedgehogs and have them as pets.  But I would like to say that the number of people who adore hedgehogs is significantly smaller than the number of people who get puppies, perhaps because the way a puppy returns affection is more comfortable than the way a hedgehog does.

Which is okay. Because a hedgehog does not want or need to be a puppy.  A hedgehog wants very basic things – a place to hide and sleep, some food, the occasional playtime – and then, for the most part, would like to be left alone. Obviously, a puppy is a bit higher maintenance – but again, the return of doggie snuggles and adoring licks of the face is a bit higher than what you’ll get from a hedgehog.

Again, that’s okay.  We should all agree that there is room for both. But we should also agree that if you WANT a puppy? Don’t get a hedgehog.

And in terms of human relationships? If you want someone you can take care of, who will depend on you, who doesn’t need a lot of personal space and who is not fiercely independent to the point of ridiculousness? Don’t find a human hedgehog. It won’t make either of you happy.

Trust me on this one.


  1. Yes! My mom used to call me her little porcupine for a reason :-).