Monday, October 15, 2012

Babies, Showers, and Beer

I went to the best baby shower ever yesterday.

First, it was at a pub. If you’ve never considered having a baby shower someplace where beer is readily available? YOU SHOULD CONSIDER IT.

Second, it was co-ed. There were many menfolk there, and they were all kind of excited to be included in what is normally a women-only occasion.

Third, there were no games. No one had to smell a melted candy bar nestled into a diaper or look at it to try to determine what it was* or any such nonsense. No games of any kind.

Fourth, the gifts were brought unwrapped. This was awesome for me, as I’m the world’s worst wrapper, but it was also environmentally friendly – no wasted paper! – and it meant we didn’t all have to sit around and stare at my pregnant friend while she unwrapped presents, and then make the appropriate cooing noises.

You might be a person who enjoys a traditional baby shower. If so, trust me, you’ll probably have plenty more of them to go to, so you don’t have to worry about the above party model breaking the mold. But please, oh please, listen to me when I tell you WHY this was extra awesome:

I am a single woman. For a while I was a married woman. I don’t, and never will, have children. HOWEVER. This has never prevented the Baby Shower Quiz: “Ooooh, are you jealous of Mom to Be?” (No.) “Don’t YOU have children yet?” (Nope.) “Are you trying?” (Did this person just seriously ask me about my sex life? NOT COOL, Aunt Mary!) “You know, dear, you’re not getting any younger!” (I am, actually – due to an accident in a physics lab, I am aging in reverse. Don’t tell anyone.) “Oh, you’re” (whispers) “divorced? Don’t worry dear, the right man will come along soon. And you can always adopt.” (I was thinking I’d actually get 17 more cats instead. Way more fun, and no college tuition to worry about.)

Here’s how many times I was asked any of the above at the Best Baby Shower Ever:

Zero. None. Nada.

Instead? I got to hang out with good friends, one of whom I had not seen in years (Shout out to Marcia!) and enjoy the visible enjoyment of my pregnant buddies, who were happy to be surrounded by people who loved them – and who also were having more fun because WE were having fun.

I normally hate baby showers. But this? Was a really lovely way to spend an afternoon.

So my next friend to have a baby better watch out – because this is one idea I’m totally stealing.


*This is a real shower game. I am not making it up. But I wish I was.

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