Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Sleepy, Dopey, Grumpy, AND Happy...

.. 4 out of 7 of Snow White's little buddies ain't bad.

So, I have houseguests, which is AWESOME.

And I've been sleeping on an air mattress for several days, which is ...

... well, it's better than sleeping in a sleeping bag on the floor. So that's something. The air mattress is actually quite comfortable. It's also queen sized, so I have plenty of room to do what I always do on air mattresses, which is curl into a little ball in the center of them and wrap myself in blankets, so that I resemble a caterpillar that will eventually metamorph into a beeeyooootiful butterfly.

Except, of course, that when I emerge from my blanket-y cocoon, I will be a disheveled, disoriented, bed-headed human who tries to get up without falling down (not possible) and then galumphs into the kitchen in search of coffee.

To be honest, I need coffee in order to be able to coordinate my limbs enough to be able to get up off the air mattress in order to get coffee. How's that for a conundrum? (I have yet to be able to convince anyone to bring me coffee in bed so that I can wake up enough to get up without falling down. Air mattresses are very bounce-house-esque, are they not? There's a lot of flailing involved.)

I should also mention that my air mattress is on the floor in my office. For the record (and as hard as this is to believe) I don't normally sleep in my office. (Though, now that I think about it, I do work, eat, watch tv, and read in there. I might as well add sleeping to the list!) However, since my houseguests have my bedroom, the air mattress is in the office. This is what my brain does every time I wake up and look around in the night:


Yep. It's a moment of complete, adrenaline high inducing panic followed by recognition: "Oh yeah, I'm on the floor in the office." Unfortunately, I have to wait for the fight or flight response to fade before I can curl back into the blankie pile and go back to sleep.

I'm a little dopey as a result of being tired. Also a little grumpy (I'm not at my best when I feel sleep deprived). And tired. But overwhelmingly?


Oh, and Sneezy as a result of fall allergies. Make that FIVE Dwarves -- but that's okay -- the more the merrier! (And there's still room on the couch!)

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