Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Pythagoreas and The Post It

When I was walking into my building yesterday I noticed a yellow post it note on the ground. It was folded in half, smooshed up against the steps, and covered with mathematical equations.

My first thought was: "Who does calculus on a post it note?"

My second thought was an immediate answer to my previous thought: "A mad scientist."

So. Clearly, there is a mad scientist living somewhere in my building. Here's how I KNOW it's a mad scientist and not, say a math major from UNH living downstairs -- the equations were done in PEN. Not pencil.

Only someone who is completely insane works out equations in PEN.

In addition, these were written out neatly on a post-it, as though someone had been sitting in a coffee shop and was suddenly inspired by the mathematical formula that would be needed to, say, perfect time travel. "This coffee is delicious, omnomnom  BY JOVE! If you take the Pythagorean theorem and combine it with the Fignagle Principle and divide that whole thing by Q (Q of course being the entire 3rd season of the Simpsons minus the appearance of SideShow Bob!) -- you could ACTUALLY power a flux capacitor OR a Tardis. OR BOTH. I MUST work this out immediately!" (Rummages through bag, comes up with a pen and a post it.) "Behold, for I shall make history. OR IS THAT UNMAKE IT BWAHHAHHAH!"

The only problem with this scheme, of course, is that my local, absent minded mad scientist didn't take good care of her formula, for she dropped the post it on the way into the building.

And now I have it.

If only I were better at math.

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