Monday, December 14, 2015

Maybe We Could Try...

Embracing people of different cultures instead of rejecting them.

Practicing the teachings of our wise people instead of using them as a defense mechanism.

Offering prayers and hope for those who have lost their way instead of dismissing them as disgusting scum.

Acting instead of complaining.

Having hope. 

Using words rather than weapons.

Loving each other as one large human family.

Supporting those who struggle instead of deciding they deserve to struggle.

Reaching out instead of withdrawing.

Actually being the change we want to see in the world, rather than putting a bumper sticker that say that on our cars.

Valuing each other.

Seeing people as people.

Embodying grace.

Remembering the past and its lessons and not repeating those mistakes.

Ignoring the loudest and most inflammatory voices, who speak only to shock and offend.

Standing up for what's right instead of deciding that it's not our responsibility.

Realizing that all lives matter just as much as ours, and acting accordingly.

Leading with love.


Maybe we could try leading with love. 

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