Monday, December 21, 2015

Mi Familia

Everyone has at least two families. You have at least a couple of the below:

1) the family you are born into

2) the family that chooses you

3) the step family

4) the ex family

5) the family you make

6) the family you choose

Family can be complicated. It can shift on you. You might find yourself more drawn to one type of family than the other. It happens. 

At the holidays, it's easy to fixate on family-- how you think it should be. What you miss. Who you miss. Who you are mad at. The person who's politics make you want to fling the Christmas goose at them. How things are. How they used to be. How you think they should be.

But the holidays? Are about love. So think about this:

Sometimes love means looking at the past, acknowledging it, and moving forward. 

Sometime love means looking at the present and reaching out not just with your hands? But with your heart. 

Sometimes you need to remember that what is gone was beautiful, but there's a whole lot of beauty still here. Don't miss it. Look around you.

To all of my family -- near, far, biological, chosen, step, and yes, even ex: I hope your holidays are magical. I hope you are able to offer a warm heart to those who travel along your path. I hope you can accept hearts offered to you with warmth and sincerity.


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