Wednesday, March 23, 2016

I'm Multilingual! (J/K, LOL)

Because I am a doofus, when I change jobs, I don't just, you know, change jobs.

I like to jump entire industries.

But wait, you ask. What do you mean?

I mean I went from teaching to ... commercial leasing. In case you were wondering, those two fields are in NO WAY related to each other.

How did I end up in anything remotely related to finance? The short answer is that they hired me. I was on the move and they were kind of a churn and burn outfit when it came to staff, so it was a match made in heaven!

Or, maybe, kind of hell. Hell-ish. In the words of a former co-worker there, "It's not actually hell, but you can see the gates from here." Every day, those gates seemed a teensy bit closer.  At any rate, I got divorced and moved to North Carolina and promptly took a job in ... wait for it ... equipment and insurance inspections.

Because CLEARLY that was a thing. And actually, to be honest, that was KIND of related to the finance job, so ... yeah. But still. Field jump!

Then? I went to work for a shed company. I was working on the theory that I was organized and good at scheduling, and they needed an organized schedule-er. So what if none of my previous background was in construction? This was do-able! I could learn construction stuff! Like, where the pork chop is on a shed. (That is really the name of a part. I kid you not.)

And then things went ... sideways. So I got a job in recycling. As you do. Well, I mean, maybe YOU don't, but that's what I did. One of my former ShedMates was working for the super cool recycling people and she gave me a heads up that they had a position and I interviewed ... and interviewed ... and INTERVIEWED. OH SO MANY INTERVIEWS.

Recycling! Wheee!

And now? I'm working at a web development company. As I've said, I'm the flighty job hopping friend. It's a thing.

You know what else is a thing when you change not just jobs, but entire fields?


Whenever someone asks me if I speak a foreign language I say, with some degree of nerd shame, "No, I took Latin." However, I now speak: Education, Finance, Logistics, Construction, Recycling, Industrial Waste, and I'm starting to learn Development. Not code, mind you -- I don't understand code -- but Development, and Marketing, and today I spent a lot of time -- a lot a lot -- learning to speak Public Relations. (And taking Aleve. Because holy hannah, does my head hurt.)

You'd think that after the first couple of times of "jump fields/learn all the new words etc" I would find jobs within fields that were ... what's the word ... RELATED. But nope. Apparently, my love of all of the word extends to feeling like I need to learn entirely new vocabularies every time I change jobs.

Either that or I'm just starting to recognize that I'm completely nuts.

No, it's definitely the words.

I hope?

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