Tuesday, March 22, 2016

If I Had To Do It All Again

Once upon a time (it wasn't terribly long ago and it wasn't in a galaxy far far away, but there are days when it certainly feels that way) I spoke at the graduation ceremonies for the class I had been advising.

I like to think that I gave a good speech. I worked quite hard on it. It came off as funny -- people laughed in the correct places -- and was heartfelt. It offered the graduates some advice -- as much advice as my 28 year old self could possibly be qualified to give, at any rate.

If I were asked to give another such speech, though, it would be very different. Hopefully, it would still be funny, and it would be heartfelt, but it would also include some things that I understand very well now that I did not know then.

Things like: Dear Ones, your life can change at the drop of a hat, and that can be scary -- but it will be okay. It will absolutely be okay. Because you are strong and brave and clever, and because life is supposed to change and shift. Otherwise you don't grow -- and growing is the point.

Work for your dreams. Achieve them. And, when you achieve them? If you find that they're not what you really want? It's okay to change your mind. It's 100% okay. You can reinvent yourself as often as you want. It's not easy to do, but it's possible. Chase your dreams, but don't be afraid to let those dreams change, either.

There is so much out there that you can't see right now. Trust that it is there for you. When you need something -- love, or friendship, or work, or whatever -- you will find it. Maybe not where you thought you would. Maybe not when you thought you would. But it is there, and it is waiting for you, and you will find it. Don't be afraid to look in weird places -- sometimes the best stuff lives in those odd spots.

There is something out there for you.

There is someone out there for you.

There is somewhere out there for you.

Believe in the possibility. Believe in change. Believe in yourself.

That's what I would say.

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