Monday, March 21, 2016

Wait ... What?


You know what I did today?

I wrote some things. I edited some things. I made a calendar and I worked on marketing stuff and I read some other stuff and I made changes to a live website and I filled my brain up with a bunch of things, some of which I don't understand. I went to a meeting where it felt like most of what was said was in a foreign language but it didn't matter. I don't HAVE to understand it to do my job. There is a hive of big brains that live in part of my new office and they are all awesome and my job isn't to be one of them. My job is to figure out how to communicate to other people that what we do is super-cool and useful and amazing.

I can do that.

I mean, yes, my head hurts a little from all of the information I tried to cram into it today and I don't have it all figured out yet.

But I will.

And it's making me happy. I have pages filled with notes and ideas and drawings.

It's exciting.

I am excited.

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