Friday, March 25, 2016

One Week Later

Time is a yoga master. It's BENDY, y'all.

An hour doing something you hate is fourteen Mondays long. An hour doing something you love, on the other hand, is only fourteen minutes long. Sitting in traffic for twenty minutes is seven years of boring, but twenty minutes of connection with someone you adore goes by in five seconds.

Bendy. Bendy and tricksy, is time.

I have been at my new job for one week. I'm still finding my routine, obviously, both at home (different hours, very different circumstances in many ways) and at work (negotiating through the day, trying not to aggressively step on anyone's toes), but this week? Went by in about, oh, three days. It zooooooomed by me. It may have been doing a sun salutation or happy baby when it did, too.

One week of really good stuff is something to be happy about, I think.

Here's to time well spent.

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