Thursday, March 24, 2016

What Am I Even Doing?

So, I sometimes have the idea that The Fella and I should eat healthy things. I cook a lot? But I don't always ... um. There's a lot of cheese involved with a lot of my cooking. We actually may have decided that cheese is the fifth and most important food group, to be honest. Cheese for everyone.

He doesn't eat meat, which is okay with me, but I don't love salads. I hate lettuce and other raw leafy greens.

I know, we're ridiculous.


Pretty much every week I think that I'm going to try harder to make sure that veggies find themselves as the main component of some meals. (I also remind myself regularly that, even though I think potatoes should count as a vegetable, they really kind of don't. CURSES!) To the "more veggies, omnomnom" end, I put stir fry on the weekly menu all of the time.

Guys. I never make stir fry.

Oh, I buy the stuff. I have all of the ingredients for stir fry in my house at all times. I just never build them into a stir fry. Like, EVER.

You -- because you're all smart and stuff -- are probably wondering: What's the deal? Stir fry is EASY. Pan. Oil. Veggies. STIRRING. Yellie, you have to be kidding. It's so user friendly.

I KNOW. I know it is.

You're probably also thinking: AND IT'S TASTY.

I know that too! I have never once eaten a stir fry and thought, well THAT sucked. I mean, it's yummy things cooked and served with rice. I like yummy things! I like rice! I like soy sauce dribbled over a combination thereof!

So what's my damage?

I don't even know. Here's what I do know: I had stir fry on the menu for Monday. The Fella and I went home for work and ate sandwiches and french fries instead because reasons. I was very stern when I said: Okay, but sandwiches and fries were on the menu for Thursday, so on Thursday we are having stir fry. I AM MAKING IT. IT'S HAPPENING.

It's Thursday.

I just popped my head into The Fella's office and said: "Can we stop at the grocery store on the way home? Because NO with the stir fry. Just no."

He may have laughed at me, but we're going to the store anyway.

I may be the world's worst grownup.

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