Monday, May 14, 2012


One of my friends recently gave me a piece of foam board. “So you can make a vision board,” she said. “I think you need one.”

It’s been sitting in my office, as white as the day I received it, for about two weeks now.  Not because I don’t want to MAKE a vision board – I do – but because I can’t think of anything to put on it.

I feel overwhelmed by its blankness. I don’t know where to start. When I look at my life and try to think of where I want it to go, I feel panicked, as though I am standing on my tiptoes on a thin ledge. 

This is a problem.

It has also been pointed out to me that I’m doing this to myself, because if I don’t have a plan (or don’t commit to one), then I won’t be able to fail.

Which, true.  

But also, ouch.

And probably not something I’m going to resolve on a Monday morning, when it comes to it.

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