Monday, August 27, 2012

SUMMAH! (That's "Summer" to You From-Away-ers)

It’s the last week of summer! I mean, not officially – I think that technically, summer doesn’t end until mid September or something? – but it’s the last week before Labour Day and back to school and all of that. So in my head, that makes it the last week of summer.

I have a lot of stuff to do this week. Good stuff, but man, a lot of STUFF. You probably do too.

So there won’t really be posts this week. Unless, of course, some whacked out politician type says something that makes me off the charts crazy. But that’s not likely to happen, right?*

In the meantime, go outside. Run around. Enjoy the last week of summer. And I’ll be back next week.


*I am so expecting this to happen.

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