Monday, February 4, 2013

So Exciting ...

I am in a weird place.

I mean, it’s a good place? There are a lot of really good things happening. But it’s weird to me when the stars and planets align and you start to see a path where there was previously just a lot of … stuff that wasn’t a path.

Unfortunately, this post? Is a bit of a tease, because … I can’t TELL you about everything. (Oh but when I can? I WILL. I promise.) But let’s say this: I am super busy doing things that you will enjoy. (Hint: some of them are writer things! WHEEEEE!) I am also straight out doing things that I enjoy – and, perhaps the craziest part of all? I’m actually taking the time to enjoy them. There’s no rushing from task to task. There’s no “get it done so I can move to the next thing.” But there is – finally – enjoyment in the moment.

It’s kind of a big deal, y’all.

I’ll keep you posted.

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