Wednesday, February 20, 2013

So That's What Happened

On Monday, I said there would be no new posts this week.

I meant it when I said it, too.

Can I just tell you, though, what happens when I'm not travelling and I suddenly announce "No New Posts for a week"?

I got this tremendous outpouring of affection. People wanted to make sure that I was okay. They wanted to make sure that all was well in Yellie-land, and that I had what I needed. They ALSO let me know it was okay to take a break if I needed one, and that they would miss me until I was ready to come back.

Oh, you guys.

I needed that.

I needed it because -- to be honest -- I'd fallen out of love with the blogging. I was fried. I didn't think I had any more stories to tell and all of the words on the screen seemed really, really stupid; I couldn't be funny, I couldn't communicate anything I really cared about, and I didn't want to play anymore. I wanted to be done.

I also DIDN'T want to be done. Because I could remember a time when I did love it, and when I did have things to say.

So, I thought, maybe I'd just take a week off and see where I was at. I wasn't going to QUIT, mind you, but I thought maybe I'd post less often, or ... something.

But then the most marvelous thing happened.

Released from the "OHMYGOD I don't have anything to SAY" I realized: I DO have things to say. A lot of things. Ideas started coming to me (do I have a list? Of COURSE I do.)

And I missed it. Even though it's only been two days? I missed nattering on, rambling about the day, or something political, or my cat.

So thank you for being patient with me, and for reading. I'm still here, and I'll continue to be here.

Y'all are awesome. But then, you already knew that.

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