Monday, February 16, 2015

Be: A Challenge

Consider your legacy.

What will it be?


Be amazing.

Be inspired and inspiring.

Be generous: with your time. With your love. With your kindness.

Be the kind of person other people look up to. Be the kind of friend you want to have.

Be brave. 

Be daring. 

Be open hearted and kind.

Be honest. 

Be careful with other people's feelings.

Be willing to do what's right instead of what's easy.

Be aware that mistakes are powerful tools for learning. Be willing to learn; be open to sharing what you have learned.

Be a dreamer. Be a person who chases your dreams. Be aware that the chase is sometimes more important than the catch.

Be courageous enough to love yourself. Be willing to look yourself in the eye and love every inch of you: your flaws, your faults, your blemishes as well as your virtues, your strengths, and your beauty.

Be able to say "I am stunning" and mean it.

Be aware that we are all here together, and that we need to love each other.

Be respectful. Even -- especially -- with those with whom you do not agree. 

Be understanding. 

Be one who listens with her mind wide open. 

Be bold enough to stand up for others. 

Be bold enough to stand up for yourself.

Be loving. 

Be yourself. Acknowledge that you are special.

Be able to see what's special about other people.

Be willing to challenge the status quo. Be a leader.

Be a light in the dark.


Consider your legacy.

What will it be?

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