Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Snow, Sickness, and Shenanigans

Hello blogland. I didn't fall off the earth (despite all evidence to the contrary) or forget that you're out there or decide "Hell, no, I won't type!" (which, since it doesn't rhyme, is a shitty slogan).

I got sick a few weeks ago. Like, really super sick. The Fella said, "What can I do for you?" and I said, "Shoot me."

Which, obviously, wasn't an option that he WENT with. But still. I was super sick and felt terrible all over. I had a respiratory infection and a sinus infection and as a result, everything was a painful proposition. Including reading and typing. So ... no go with the blogging.

And then when I finally started to get better -- BLIZZARD SNOW OMG.

So that was a digging out kind of a project and I was behind with work because I missed a bunch of days and then we had snow days and then it snowed AGAIN.

So. Yeah.

I'm still here! And hopefully moving forward I'll also be here here. (If that makes sense to you, it's possible that you've been following this blog for too long.)

Thanks for being patient!

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