Friday, July 15, 2016

Friday Randoms

"It's muggy as heck in here."


"Note that I did not say muggy as hell. I always imagine hell to be a dry heat."


"I made a bet that you would turn off my Barry Manilow while I was at lunch and I won."

"I just couldn't deal anymore."

"But Barry writes the songs that make the whole world sing!"


"I need another word for 'option' ... what do you think?"

"Can you read me the sentence it's in?"

"Um. Option 1?"


"What do you think?"

"I think I have been paying ZERO attention to anything you've said for the last twenty minutes."


"But I've been ignoring you with LOVE."


"Did you just catch a Pokemon in our house?"


"Wait, is that a rodent?"

"Yeah, it's a Rattata."

"I can't have that. We need an exterminator."


"Honestly, I barely consider raisins to be food. They're grapes that could have been wine and failed."


"There are lots of regular words that could be Pokemon names."

"Like what?"

"Chipotle. Jakarta. Hodgepodge."


"These are the gifts insomnia gives me. Don't judge."

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