Monday, July 25, 2016

Some Mondays are Better Than Others

You know how some days, you're sort of awake when the alarm goes off so it doesn't come as a complete shock to your system? But other days, you are waaaay out there in sleepy night night land and the unwelcome sound of the alarm is actually kind of frightening?

Today was one of the latter days.

The alarm went off, scaring the bejesus out of me. I got out of bed very unwillingly, and then went to attend to Lizzie, who was meowing at me like whoa. I realized as I fed her, "Wow, everything is really blurry. I wonder what's wrong with my eyes?"

Yeah. What was wrong with them is that they weren't being aided by glasses. Because I forgot to put them on.

Listen, y'all. Here's what I can see without my glasses: PRETTY MUCH NOTHING. They are the first thing I put on every day and the last thing I take off every night, but today I was so discombobulated that I forgot them and was just blindly (literally) stumbling around the house, wondering what was wrong with my peepers.

So now I'm wondering what else I forgot to do this morning. I'm sure there's something. (But hey, at least I can see now.)

Hope your Monday is going more smoothly than mine!

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