Friday, March 18, 2011

V is for Vicious

I recently got an email about the entry I posted on Valentine's Day. (If you missed that one, it's right here )

The emailer may have been, shall we say, unhappy.

The emailer may have, shall we say, suggested that I shut my yapper about gay marriage and civil rights and anything else I might be thinking about writing about because I am, in case you didn't know, "an ignorant left wing slut with a viewpoint that no one could share, appreciate, or understand."

Well, that'll show me.

The emailer may ALSO have gone on to point out that I "was a loser in high school, [I] am a loser now, and that no one has ever been interested in anything that [I] would have to say because no one ever has been."  (Which, FUNNY! Dude, I KNOW I was a loser in high school. I was there!)

I suppose, then, that I should humbly pack it in. I mean, really, one hateful email is probably going to be the thing that convinces me to stop blogging and get back to my business of -- well, I'm not sure what my business should BE at that point, but I'm guessing it involves sitting meekly someplace with my hands folded and my mouth shut.

I did not reply to the email, but would like to go on the record -- my bloggy record of trodding through boggy political and moral ground -- as saying the following:

1. I FIRMLY believe that the legality of gay marriage should never have been an issue, and will continue to speak in favour of it in every forum I have at my disposal.

2. I should mention here that: I'm also for reproductive rights and support Planned Parenthood.

3. I am ALL FOR public funding for projects like WIC that help needy people in this country.

4. I think teachers should be more famous and better paid than rock stars. I think reducing their compensation or saying that they make too much money is shameful. I think messing with their retirement is heinous.

5. Finally, I believe that there is no reason to be hateful to someone simply because you don't agree with her, and that the reaction of "I must tear her down" is one that comes from a place of fear and misunderstanding. I'm sorry for the person who wrote me that email because it was so angry, and carrying around those levels of anger must be exhausting.

In the meantime, I'm going to do what we ignorant left wing sluts do -- I'm just going to keep on blogging.


  1. As a fellow ignorant left-wing slut, I admire your fortitude. Also, I may want to restart my blog and make it political now. I always was contrary.

  2. Can we get t-shirts made that say "Ignorant Left-Wing Slut"? I would totally wear one! I'd fold it in my drawer right next to my "This is What a Feminist Looks Like" t-shirt. And Amen to all 5 points above.

    And I should state for the record that I am, and have been for many years, interested in what you have to say. So there.