Monday, March 21, 2011

W is for Weekend Round-Up

Sorry about the lack of post yesterday -- Blogger was being persnickety and for some reason, I couldn't post. It was mildly annoying.

#1.This past weekend, I had friends in from out of town, so we spent our days wandering around Boston (Saturday) and Portsmouth (Sunday), which means that today I am exhausted.... but it was so much fun that I'm cool with it.

#2. I decided to get a kitten to keep Beansie company. And then I decided NOT to get a kitten because, well, they're a lot of work. And then I decided to get a kitten because I love kittens, and I have the space, and Beansie could use a buddy. And then I decided that an older cat would be better. (This went on for a while.) I was on my way out of my building when one of my neighbors came in with a little tiny cat carrier containing the fuzziest, cutest little black and white kitten ever.

End of debate.

I am SO getting a kitten. (Will keep you posted).

#3. Yesterday was the first day of spring. In honour of the first day of spring I bought festive plastic wineglasses for the first annual Sangria in the Sun gathering (for when I finish turning my balcony into a usable space). Woo hooo! Warmer weather is on its way.

#4. Took some photos in Portsmouth yesterday. Here's one of them:

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