Tuesday, May 24, 2011

As Blue as a Girl Can Be

We've all had these days. The ones where we're dissatisfied. The ones where we're unhappy. The ones where we decide that perhaps the glass is half empty and there's not much to be done about it.

I've been having one of those days for about a week. There's stuff -- icky, not very fun stuff -- happening behind the scenes and I'm having a hard time puzzling through it. I'm tired of talking about it and I'm tired of thinking about it and ... well, I guess I'm just tired.

So today I decided that I was going to snap out of it. The weather cooperated. The sun came out. The lilacs are blooming. There is a light, lilac scented breeze wafting through my apartment. Glorious.

I put on some lipstick. I put my hair up. I put on some mascara and smiled at the mirror. Pretty. I got some big old earrings and put them on.

I painted my nails so they're sparkly. Age appropriate? Maybe not. Mood lifing? Yes indeed.

But still, something was missing. I needed something extra to put me over the edge and fill my soul with joy.

My ipod found it.

I don't know what fills your heart up -- I think it can be anything, really, as long as it makes you beside yourself, giddy happy. Something that makes me glad to be alive is music. Oh boy do I love to sing.

Specifically, if I'm in a bad mood, I love to sing THIS:

Loudly. Joyfully.

Mood lifted.

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