Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I'm Still Here...

... I've just been really sick, which has been completely annoying. And frustrating. And exhausting.

I did, however, have an unpleasant moment at the doctor's office when I realized that the nurse was, oh I don't know, 12. I knew that eventually this would happen -- it happens to everyone. The day the newsanchors go from being significantly older than you, to kind of the same age as you, to RIDICULOUSLY younger than you (I'm talking to you, weekend meteorologist on WCSH). The day you realize that the person in charge is so much younger than you that it's a bit awkward.

The day you realize that the person in charge of your medical care was a toddler when you were graduating from high school.

Okay, not really, but I had a good 15 years on her, so when she was laughing about her "older patients" who obsess over their blood pressure, I was thinking: are you talking about ME? Because I DON'T obsess over my blood pressure! Except that now I'm obsessing about obsessing! Oh, you little whippersnapper!


I'm starting to feel better. So the posting shall resume.

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