Friday, November 30, 2012

Friday Randoms

30 Things For Which I Am Thankful

1. My Mom, Dad, and Sister. No one is as quick to let you know you're awesome as your family. Also, no one is as quick to let you know you're an idiot as your family. These are both necessary.

2. Kristen, Amber, Vanessa, Neha, and Shilo  (and Adam and Justin, too). For the same reasons as the above. (Although for the record? I don't think Shilo's ever actually TOLD me I'm an idiot.)

3. Miss Rhiannon Colleen, aka Beansie Boo, aka Bean aka Bugs. Because, obviously.

4. Coffee. Which powers this and almost every other thing I've ever written.

5. Red wine. Which is responsible for the writing that coffee is NOT responsible for.

6. Warm, toasty slippers. Happy feet = happy Yellie

7. Facebook. (How else would I stay connected with people? I spend every day at home with my CAT, y'all.)

8. Bubble baths. Where sometimes I enjoy a glass of wine. And where I sometimes break wine glasses. Which leads me to ...

9. ... plastic wine glasses.

10. Our political system, which isn't perfect, but which allows me to say whatever I want to, both in this space and in the world.

11. The lessons I've learned in life. Yeah, some of them were incredibly painful, but I'm starting to see that I needed to learn them in order to better help other people. It's ... kind of awesome.

12. The chance for change.

13. James Taylor singing "Up On The Roof" (I'm just saying. This makes me soooo happy.)

14. French fries. Even bad french fries. (mmmmmmmmm french fries.)

15. Friends who check in to make sure I'm okay. I don't want to embarass you, but you know who you are and I LOVE YOU. MWAH.

16. The technology that allows me to have red hair, which I clearly should have been born with.

17. The Stormtroopers, who kindly do me the favour of reminding me what kind of neighbour I do NOT want to be. Thanks, guys. (Now, could you PLEASE MOVE OUT?!)

18. The fact that my Christmas shopping is done.

19. Handwritten letters.

20. My work family. Tess, Peggy, NiTara, Charlene, Sarah, Curtis, Hayley, Desiree, Dana, and Blair. You guys ROCK.

21. Books. Books, books, books. BOOKS. Even poorly written ones. (I'm looking at you, Meyer.)

22. The sudden realization that Shakespeare wasn't, you know, SHAKESPEARE when he was writing but essentially a guy who wrote soap operas, so maybe I could cut myself some slack for not being a literary genius.

23. Jeeves the GPS, who (mostly, kind of) keeps me from getting lost. (And Kristen, again, for her willingness to cart me around because she NEVER gets lost.)

24. The knowledge that love wears a lot of different faces. Just because it doesn't look the way you thought it would doesn't make it less of a treasure.

25. Kenny Rogers, for teaching me the importance of knowing when to hold 'em, when to fold 'em, when to walk away, and when to run. Very useful information.

26. My apartment, aka "the coziest place on earth".

27. Days spent at the beach. Oh beach. Sure, I have to wear SPF 1,483 AND a hat, but I love you in all of your glorious beachiness.

28. Hot and Dirty Martinis at the Top of the Chop.

29. Every word Jane Austen ever wrote.

30. All of you, of course, who bother to check in here and see what I'm going on about today. I am giving you all a tremendous hug, if only in my mind. I love you guys.

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