Thursday, November 1, 2012

Having Your Say

I blather on quite a lot here, mostly because this is my space, and I'll use it for what I want. Mostly, I write about very silly things. But sometimes, now and again, I touch on things that I think are really important, and things I want to share with other people. Not because I think my take on anything is the most brilliant thing you'll ever read, but because I want other people to think about them too. In my dream world, everyone would immediately agree with me (not really, that would be so boring) and recognize my genius (which, okay, wouldn't be boring at all) and life would be grand, tralalalalalala.

I recognize that's never going to happen.

The important bit, I think, is this: having an opinion. Using your opinion. Having a say.

So. Next Tuesday. Go vote. Vote if you agree with my politics. But also? Vote if you DON'T. Vote if you ever thought "Hey, this guy in office is great" or "This guy in office is an idiot" or "I love the idea of this new law" or "I HATE THIS LAW IT MAKES ME WANT TO STAB MYSELF IN THE EYE".

Also, please don't stab yourself in the eye.

Vote so that when you complain about politics, people will listen to you. If there's one thing that drives me insane, it's someone who complains about society and politics and doesn't participate in them. Dude, you couldn't be bothered to vote? Don't complain then.

Vote because of all of the people, all over the world, who would KILL for the right to vote. Who ARE killed fighting for the right to vote.


(Don't know if you're registered to vote, where your polling place is, etc? Find out here.)

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