Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Love/Hate Wednesday


Schooner Fare

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I listen to this when I wish I lived closer to my mom. You can't really go wrong with a little Schooner Fare in your day. I'm just saying.


Feeling Useless

This is probably incredibly stupid -- is there anyone out there who read that and thought: "Not me! I LOVE FEELING USELESS. It's AWESOME"? I'm guessing ... no?

Here's what I mean, though. There are people in my world who are sad. And I love them, and I want them not to be sad. One of the things I've learned, though, is that you can't take anyone's burden from them. They will carry what they have to carry. The only thing you can do is put a shoulder under one side of it and walk with them, or lift an end now and again.

It just doesn't seem like enough. It seems like there should be more.

So I feel useless. And I HATE that.

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