Tuesday, December 18, 2012

If the Mayans are Right ...

... I'll be annoyed.

I mean, the bonus bit is that yesterday was the last Monday I'll have to deal with, ever. And I won't be turning 37 next week, not that there's anything wrong with that. So there's that.

But mostly? I'll be seriously irritated that I didn't do some things. Such as the following:

1) I have been wanting and wanting and WANTING to have my right arm super heavily tattooed. Sleeve? YES PLEASE. But my friends who are (mostly) more responsible than I am have been arguing against it for professional reasons, and I've been trying to listen because I'm pretty sure that they're probably right even though I also know that I'm geared more towards the kind of fields where my coworkers would drop trou to show some new ink. (Has this happened in my world, you ask? YES IT HAS. I'm THAT girl.)

But if the world actually comes to a screeching halt (well, I mean, I would imagine there might be a bit of screeching?) I won't have the chance to actually render myself unemployable by corporate America. What a shame.

2) I never DID go blonde. How pasty pale would I have looked? WE'LL NEVER KNOW SNIFFLE SOB.

3) To all of the people who never knew I had ridiculous crushes on them: Well, I did. And you never ever knew, and you never ever will, which is so pointless but necessary in case the Mayans were wrong and I actually run into you, because of the humiliation and awkwardness. But if the world DID end? I'll be pissed that I never humiliated and awkwarded myself more fully by TELLING you. (It's a catch-22 we're all going to have to live with. Or not. Whatever.)

4) So many books I didn't have the chance to read. SO MANY.

The thing is, though, that though I don't believe the world is going to end on Friday, I am more aware since last Friday of how delicate our positions are here. Time, as the song says, is fleeting. So maybe I should do some of the things above -- get my hands on more books, take more chances, be more daring -- because there's only now.

So I need to stop waiting.

And so do you. Take a chance. Take a leap. Make a change. Why not? Mistakes aren't failures, they're just opportunities for learning, right?

(Except maybe for number 3. I don't have the self esteem for that.)

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