Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Love/Hate Wednesday (The Holiday Edition, Part One)

Oh Y'all, this would be the longest post ever if I didn't make myself stick to the two things format. But because there are so very many things during this season that I both love AND hate? Expect this to be a theme through December. (I mean, really. Can YOU choose only two things that you love or hate during the holidays? I can list at least 17 without even thinking about it.)

So first. And I know the video thing might be getting boring, but I REALLY want you to see/hear/love this.




(In case the above doesn't work, click here. )

In case you're all "Who are these ridiculously young people" please allow me to tell you. Once upon a time, NBC aired the only reality competition that I ever watched. It was called "The Sing Off" and you know it was good because Ben Folds was a judge.


It was an a capella singing competition and I feel bereft without it. Anyway, this is the group that won last year, in what would prove to be the final season. (Sniffle. Sob.)

So yeah. This? All voices. No instruments. ALL AWESOME ALL OF THE TIME.

And I love it. You should too.


Being the Person Who Remembers That Things Must Be Done

It happens every year. It shouldn't, but it does. The holidays roll around at the same time. EVERY YEAR.  And yet they strike people as a surprise, as though they didn't know they were coming.

So every year I remind my superiors at work "Um. Company gifts? Christmas cards?" And they're all "WHAT? Oh, I totally forgot!" because apparently the holidays are super stealthy, what with the marketing beginning before Halloween and all.

And then every year -- because I'm the girl, and because I poked the sleeping bear -- I end up with this on my plate. EVERY YEAR.

Here's why I hate this, though: because I end up making the choices and getting everything sent out because no one else wants to do it/ is capable of it/ can remember that it needs to happen? I'm also the one who gets every one of those choices scrutinized after the fact. "Oh, why did you pick out THIS card?" or "I was hoping the cards would have glitter on them!" or "Last year's gifts were nicer" or "I really think that we should move away from presents that might contain candy" or "I would have liked it if you had chosen a different vendor" or "How come you sent something to X and not Y even though I told you that X was definitely the way to go?"

Every year.

Hate it.

Next week:
Love: decorations
Hate: Wrapping gifts

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