Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Clean Slates

There will not be a post this Friday, because I will be busily moving into my new apartment. This is a good thing.

It's a great thing.

This summer, my life has been kind of like a bad country song. I mean, a REALLY bad country song. It occurs to me that I have two choices: I can cower in the corner, whimpering slightly, or I can come out swinging.

Because I am a stubborn fool, I refuse to give up. I can't help it. Fighting is what I do.

I believe that life is all about choices. Who you'll be, what you'll do, where you'll go. I look at my new place as an opportunity to start over. I'm wiping the slate clean. New habits. New resolves. New opportunities.

But of course, you bring where you've been with you. Even a clean slate holds some chalk dust. For me, the dust is the smattering of lessons I've actually managed to learn, and the love I bring with me. I carry that wherever I go, and it fuels me as I keep on keeping on.

You might be asking, what are you changing? And I'll tell you: I am determined to be healthy. HEALTHY. Healthy relationships. Healthy eating. Heathly finances. Healthy habits. Healthy professional environment. All of these mean that I need to think about myself in a way that I don't normally do: am I treating myself well? Is this good for me? How will this impact me down the road?

This may seem narcissistic, but I think it's necessary. I arrived at this place because I didn't make it a habit to ask myself those questions, and as such, have had a scary and painful summer.

But I'm not giving up, and I'm wiping this slate clean.

I'll let you know how it goes.

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