Monday, August 26, 2013

Sayonara, Summer

This is the last week of the summer of 2013.

Thank goodness.

I mean, I learned some important things about myself, which is always good. It would be rather pointless to go through a summer like this last one, struggle, and then not get anything out of it.

But oh man, the struggle. The struggle was intense.

I mean, who expects to be fully employed AND homeless? 

Not this kid.

Despite that -- and also, because of it -- I appreciate the good things in my life so much more now. The friends who love me. My family. The roof over my head and the shoes on my feet. The time we do get to spend with those we love before they're gone. Those are gifts that I didn't fail to acknowledge before, but probably didn't appreciate fully until I made it through this summer.

So that's something.

But oh man, am I looking forward to fall. 

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