Friday, January 9, 2015

Friday Randoms


"You were right."

"It's weird how that happens, like, all the time. Isn't it?"

"Shut up."


"I can't imagine a world in which our fridge starts having LESS cheese in it."

"That's not even optional. STOP SCARING ME."


"I saw your picture with your long hair! It looked so pretty!"


"And I couldn't believe it! You used to be skinny!"

"Um. Yeaaaaaaaaah. Well, not anymore, apparently."


"... and then she was all like, 'Do you know where I'm from? YOU DON'T MESS WITH PEOPLE FROM HERE'!"

"Did you tell her that she's right, as a rule you avoid people who are clearly from hell?"


"Who was I going to call just now?"

"If the answer isn't Ghostbusters than I really don't care."

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