Thursday, January 22, 2015

Sickie Von Sickerton

Day One of Being Sick: I'll just wear these comfy yoga pants all day...

... Okay, and to bed, too. I can wear them to bed. It's not like I've been doing more than just, erm, lounging. 

Day Two of Being Sick: you know, I should probably change out of these pants to go to the doctor. Because ... Reasons. Okay.

(Upon return from doctor): oh yoga pants I MISSED YOU

I'm going to wear you to bed again. You are the most comfy pants ever and I love you. 

Day Three of Being Sick, 2 AM: I've been wearing the same pants for three days. Huh. That should skeeve me out but ... Let's face it. I feel like ass, but I'm COZY. So yeah. Yay yoga pants.

Noon: I should change my pants. And blog.

(At least I accomplished one of those things... Siiiigh)

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