Thursday, January 15, 2015

Ten things I Love About Winter in New England

1. Iced coffee. Why? No one knows. Just go with it.

2. After several really cold mornings (it was ONE DEGREE when I left for work yesterday), a morning temp of 25 seems ... warm. Toasty, even.

3. Laughing in the face of one to three inches of snow. Why bother to report that? It doesn't even count!

4. Breaking out the flip flops if the thermometer hits 45.

5. Playing the "who paid more for heat this month" games with my friends.

6. The way a drafty window will inspire me to become McGyver. "I can fix that with ... plastic wrap. And some pipe cleaners. Annnd ... um ... this penny."

7. Taking off your winter wear by the woodstove, where any cast off snow can strike it and sizzle.


9. Snow days!

10. The bright red of a cardinal against white, freshly fallen snow. So Robert Frost-y. So glorious.

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