Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Head Full of Fuzzies

I am DELIGHTFUL when I'm sick.

Okay, that's not true. I am cranky when I'm sick.

I also become very ADD. My train of thought jumps through the tracks, runs to the nearest meadow, frolics for a while, sees some sheep, decides this would be a good time to learn animal husbandry, enrolls in vet school, visits a farm, quits school and decides that it should be earning a living making soap and selling it at Renaissance Faires, does that for a while, and THEN remembers that it was supposed to go someplace and do something, like, seven years ago when it jumped ship for the meadow.

Like that.

So if you need me today, I'm very likely to be: blowing my nose, then forgetting that I wanted to make tea, then remembering that I wanted to make tea, then staring blankly at the boxes of tea while I try to figure out what kind of tea I should drink, then deciding that I don't really want tea, I want a lemonade, and then fighting with the lemonade container, then finally getting the lemonade into a glass, then going back to my office where the things need to happen and trying to remember which thing was supposed to happen next, and then falling down a rabbit hole of TED talks and tech articles and then trying to write a sentence and erasing the sentence and writing the sentence and erasing the sentence and deciding that all of the sentences would be better if I knew more stuff so I should go on Amazon and get some books and also learn Wordpress because duh. Oh and now I want some tea. I think.

All this WITHOUT cold medicine.

But maybe that would make it better? Who knows.

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